Team Harlequeen is a legit All Female E-Sports Team. WE PLAY FOR FUN, NOT FOR FAME. About the tourneys - well, it has already been taken to consideration as long as it could help us grow as a gamer and gain good experience from it. Why not?

Along with the team building activities we have, we also build our friendship - especially with Team Harleking (the vise versa of Harlequeen).

If any female gamer wants to join our team ~ well, you're welcome to apply!
(NOTE: There will still be some screenings that will happen before you can join! This is to test whether you're IN or OUT.)

Requirements to Join: :flag:
1.) LEGIT Female
2.) Lv30 (Preferably: Jungle/Mid/Top)
3.) Active Gamer
4.) IGN must be SIMPLE & NEUTRAL; that describes who you are as a gamer. We don't require on putting our tag to our IGNs, however, your IGN should not have any tag from other clans, or else you're OUT.
5.) 3 Games for Screening
6.) Skype with Jinxu or Apol (for proof of gender)
7.) With Sportsmanship
8.) Good Character

Enlistment: :writing:
STEP1: Like our page: Click.
STEP2: Fill out the Enlistment Form: Click.
STEP3: Just wait for the confirmation & update. GLHF!

Also, please Like Team Harleking's Page (All Male E-Sports Team): Click.

Hqn Aedelyn C.
Hqn Meowmaine
Dweynie Senpai
Hqn Eilsirc

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