How can you forgive someone who lied to you a lot of times?
How can you feel the love again?
How can you build the trust again?
How can you forget everything?

I've become a brute, to the fact that I've been punching my bf (not a girly punch but PUNCH as in VI PUNCH na bugbog na sya) whenever I recall the time he lied to me bcs he met up with his EX! Tsk. I wasn't like this before, and I don't want to be like this. I am broken. His friends, his ex, and him, ruined my whole entity. He can no longer fix me. And as I try to fix myself, I keep falling and break into pieces over and over again. I'm long dead.

It was just a lie. It's already in the past, but it keeps haunting me. I already know the reason why. It's bcs I trusted him so much, that I couldn't accept the fact that he lied to me; that the person whom I gave my everything lied to me; that the person who told me he'd keep his promises lied! And my friends, to top it off, told me that meeting an ex is considered as CHEATING. It hurts. My kokoro is in pain every single minute in every single day.

All I want is their SINCERE APOLOGY. From his friends, his ex, and from him though he already did say his sorry.

I just love him that it's breaking me apart.